1997. “Millennium”

Pete Sears

  • Release 1997

Solo piano project released in Japan with the help of promoter Saitoh Tomatsu. I was going through a very experimental period at this point…I would just sit at the piano, push record and make it all up as I went along. Total improvisation with a deliberately non-conformist…sometimes dissonant approach.

I later performed a solo show on a grand piano at a jazz club in Tokyo doing the same thing, total avant garde improvisation. Music definitely not for everybody I suspect. It went well…encore, flowers, the works…but maybe they were just being polite. I had a great visit…I love it over there.
Saitoh…if you read this please get in contact with me. I’d like to know that you are okay after what Japan has, and is going through.
Jeannette and I are also concerned about various students that have stayed with us through the 1990’s.

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