2014. Live in Central Park NYC May 12, 1975

Jefferson Starship

  • Release 2014
  • Genre Rock

Sony Records released this two CD set of our live show in Central Park, NYC in 1975.

Papa John Creach was still playing fiddle with us…it was a time in rock when you could stretch out the music to the edge. This CD even includes my seemingly endless bass solo…when the rest of the band left the stage. Just me, a hundred thousand people, and my old 63 Fender Jazz bass…stolen from me a few years later in Germany. Of course you have to imagine the bass tones thumping through giant PA speakers on each side of the stage, as well as my four Ampeg SVT eight ten speaker cabinets and heads. Man, those were the days. It also includes Grace Slick and me doing the song we wrote “Better Lying Down” off her solo album, Manhole. That was just the two of us. We carried a grand piano around with us in those days…Grace was actually a fine blues vocalist.

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