Pete Sears on Instagram

If you want to stay in touch with Pete Sears on Insta­gram, you can fol­low him at

California Kind

Jam vet­er­ans Bar­ry Sless, Rob Bar­ra­co, Pete Sears and John Molo team up with Katie Skene to per­form orig­i­nal music, clas­sic Amer­i­cana and rock n’ roll, blend­ing unin­hib­it­ed jams, swamp blues, old style twang, tra­di­tion­al roots music, and south­ern soul into a musi­cal truth that push­es for­ward the tra­di­tion of the Cal­i­for­nia Jam Band movement. 

Green Leaf Rustlers

From the sage smoke & mists of Marin come your local pur­vey­ors of Cos­mic Cali coun­try music, play­ing the dusty coun­try clas­sics of your dream, The Green Leaf Rustlers are Chris Robin­son, Greg Loia­cono, Bar­ry Sless, John Molo and Pete Sears!

Old Solo Albums Rereleased

U.K. record Com­pa­ny “Gonzo Media” has released a few of my old Pete Sears solo albums, “Watch­fire” (1988), “The Long Haul” (2000), and “Mil­len­ni­um” (2001).

Doobie Decibel System

As the Dewey Dec­i­mal Sys­tem orga­nizes library mate­ri­als by dis­ci­pline or field of study, the Doo­bie Deci­bel Sys­tem throws its diverse musi­cal tal­ents togeth­er to cre­ate riffs and songs that cross genre and generation.