Episode 22 – Pete Sears

Inside Out WTNSRob and Seth get a lesson on many kinds of music from Britain to San Francisco in the 60s, 70s and 80s from the legendary Pete Sears. Sears tells stories from throughout the first half of his career – from his early days with the rockabilly group The Spitfires up until he became one of the four finalists to replace Brent Mydland in The Grateful Dead. Hear about his days splitting time between working on seminal Rod Stewart records in England and discovering the world of San Francisco Bay Area music. His work with the brilliant-yet-volatile Paul Kantner and Grace Slick is explored. We hear his account of an infamous cancellation, and the ensuing chaos at the 1978 Lorelei Festival during which Pete’s treasured bass (“Dragon,” a sibling of sorts, of Garcia’s iconic “Tiger” guitar), was among the equipment destroyed or stolen by the crowd – although Sears’ bass DID survive, and would be returned to his some three and a half decades later. Time did not permit for his more recent years to be discussed much, so he will have to return to the show sometime.

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