First review is in on “Wailing Again”, the new Steamhammer album I played on, engineered and co-produced with British Blues Rock guitarist and founding member Martin Pugh. Martin was their lead guitarist through all the various versions of Steamhammer dating back to the late 1960’s and early 70’s. Their then manager Barry Taylor brought me down to watch them play to packed houses at London’s famous Marquee Club in 1969. Martin’s guitar work always impressed me, as it did Rod Stewart because he enlisted his help on his first solo recording project. I ended up playing piano as a guest on Steamhammer’s debut album right before I flew to the USA for the first time in June of that year.

The band at that point consisted of Martin Pugh on lead guitar, Martin Quittenton who I went on to record four early Rod Stewart albums with also played guitar, Mike Rushton, Micky Waller (from Jeff Beck) and later Mick Bradley on Drums, Kieren White on vocals and harp, with Steve Davey and later Louis Cennamo on bass.

After Steamhammer broke up in 74 Martin formed the band “Armeggedon” with Keith Relf of the Yardbirds who had produced the last Steamhammer album, and bass player Louis Cennamo. Keith tragically passed away soon after and the band broke up.

The original Steamhammer were also Classic Bluesman Freddie Kings U.K. backing band when he toured the British Isles in 1968-1970.

I’m playing primarily bass on the new project with some keyboard colorings here and there.

Steamhammer alumni John Lingwood plays drums on the album, John currently tours Europe and records with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Vocalist and blues harp player Phil Columbatto of Louisiana Love Act completes the line-up.

It will be released next month on C.D. and Vinyl through the German record label, M.I.G. Music.

I’ll post a link to the new single “Juniors Wailing”, a remake of the original Steamhammer version as soon as it is officially available.

It was great to play that early British Blues Rock again and reconnect with Martin. We’d lost touch in 1970 after I became firmly ensconced in California, later joining the original Jefferson Starship in 1974.

He’s a wonderful guitarist, and a cool guy.

Hope you like it.

Advance copies are being sent to album reviewers.