1999. “Silver Metre” re-released on CDS.

1999. “Sil­ver Metre” re-released on CDS. CD release of the 1969–70 vinyl album release fea­tur­ing the band that I formed with Leigh Stephens (Blue Cheer), Micky Waller (Jeff Beck, Rod Stew­art), and Har­ry Reynolds (Hair Band). There is a cool live boot­leg of a “Sil­ver Metre” show from the Fill­more West in 1970…we played on the same […]

1996. Electric Hot Tuna “Live At The Fillmore”

1996. Elec­tric Hot Tuna “Live At The Fill­more” We had a lot of fun record­ing this video at the Fill­more West in 1994. Jor­ma Kauko­nen, Jack Casady, Michael Falzara­no, me, & Har­vey Sor­gen. Our road man­ag­er was dear old Har­vey “Bird” Cole­man who passed away some­time ago. Between Hot Tuna and Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio tours, I was […]

1988. Nez B & DV8. May 9th. Fillmore West

1988. Nez B & DV8. May 9th. Fill­more West I was recent­ly giv­en this CD that I did­n’t know exist­ed. It’s of the won­der­ful Reg­gae singer “Nez B” (Ernesto Brown) and the band DV8 per­form­ing “One More Inno­cent” at the Fill­more West, in San Fran­cis­co. “One More Inno­cent” was the song I wrote with Jean­nette that […]

1970. Pete Sears with “Silver Metre”. Fillmore West.

1970. Me play­ing a Gib­son EBO bass at Fill­more West, San Fran­cis­co, with Sil­ver Metre. I was intro­duced to Jan­ice Joplin by a mutu­al friend “Super Groupie” Zany Dani while Sil­ver Metre and Jan­ice’s band were sit­ting in adja­cent booths at the famous “Tri­dent” restau­rant in Sausal­i­to, Cal­i­for­nia. We hit it off and end­ed up […]

1970. Silver Metre. Inside album cover. USA.

1970. Sil­ver Metre. Inside album cov­er. Left to right: Leigh Stephens (in back, Blue Cheer) me (in fore­ground with mous­tache), Micky Waller (in back, Jeff Beck), Har­ry Reynolds (Hair Band). I had met Leigh and his old lady at the time Liz, when Micky Waller took me over to a mews cot­tage they were rent­ing in Lon­don around […]

1969–70 Silver Metre. National General Records. USA.

1969–1970. Sil­ver Metre. Formed in Venice Beach and San­ta Mon­ica, Cal­i­for­nia after my first trip to the Unit­ed States at age 21. Leigh Stephens played lead gui­tar (orig­i­nal Blue Cheer gui­tarist), Micky Waller (Jeff Beck, Rod Stew­art etc) played drums, Har­ry Reynolds vocals, and I played bass and some key­boards. We record­ed our first of […]