2013. (1966) “You’ve Got To Earn It”. Fleur De Lys.

2013. (1966) “You’ve Got To Earn It”. Fleur De Lys. Acid Jazz Records just released this CD of a band I played piano in for a while back in 1966, Eng­land. I’m sec­ond from the left on the cov­er pho­to. Singer, gui­tarist Phil Sawyer stand­ing in the back sec­ond from the right next to drum­mer Keith […]

2009. “CIRCLES” A book is written about “Fleur de Lys”, the band Pete Sears played with in 1966. Written by Paul “Smiler” Anderson & Damien Jones.

2009. “CIRCLES” A book is writ­ten about “Fleur de Lys” the band I played with in 1966. By Paul “Smil­er” Ander­son & Damien Jones. They inter­viewed me about my peri­od with the band. I met Bri­an Epstein when he was pro­mot­ing a show we did with Eddie Floyd (Knock on Wood) in Lon­don. I also met Jimi […]

2009. Rare Mod Volume 2.

2009. Rare Mod Vol­ume 2. A com­pi­la­tion CD of dif­fer­ent bands from the British music scene of the 1960’s. It includes a track from the “Fleur de lys”…a band I played key­boards in for a while in 1966. — with Les Fleur de Lys.

1997. Les Fleur De Lys “Reflections”

              1997 Les Fleur De Lys “Reflec­tions” CD release of an Eng­lish band I was with for a while in 1966…that’s me stand­ing on the right with the leather jack­et. — with Les Fleur de Lys, Phil Sawyer, Chris Andrews and Gor­don Haskell. Tag Pho­toAdd LocationEdit

English Freakbeat” Vol 1–3

Eng­lish Freak­beat” Vol 1–3 One of sev­er­al com­pi­la­tion albums fea­tur­ing mid 1960’s Eng­lish rock bands. Anoth­er album was called “Ear­ly British R&B”. They all include tracks from my first pro­fes­sion­al band “The Sons Of Fred” from our 1964–65 record­ings at E.M.I. Stu­dios (lat­er renamed Abbey Road) in London.

1966. Fleur De Lys.

  Anoth­er shot of “Fleur De Lys.” Left to Right: Phil Sawyer (who left to replace Ste­vie Win­wood in the Spencer Davies Group), Chris Andrews (who played Oliv­er Twist on Broad­way in Lon­don) Kei­th Gunter (founder of Fleur De Lys), Gor­don Haskell (Ruperts Peo­ple, King Crim­son). I’m stand­ing on the far right with a leather coat on. […]

1966. Fleur de Lys “Circles” Atlantic Records.

1966, some­where in Eng­land. Fleur de Lys…me 2nd from left, the sec­ond Eng­lish band I played with for a bit. We played most­ly Motown style music. I played piano with this band. We once opened for Eddie Floyd (Knock on Wood) in Lon­don, and Bri­an Epstein (Man­ag­er of the Bea­t­les who was pro­mot­ing the show) dropped by our dress­ing room with a bot­tle of Champagne.