2002. “Trichromes”

2002. “Trichromes” Bil­ly Kreutz­mann, Sy Klopps, Ralph Wood­son, Michael Di Pir­ro. Bil­ly, Steve Parish and Her­bie Her­bert hired me to come down to Bel Marin Keys and try to help work up some songs from musi­cal jams and lyrics writ­ten by Robert Hunter. It took me a cou­ple of days…and I received co-writer cred­it on four […]

1972–73. Diamond Head Festival. “Sears, Schon, Errico”. Live.

  1972–73. N.Y.E. We played our set on Decem­ber 1st, 1973. This is from a YouTube record­ing of a band I formed with Neil Schon (San­tana), Greg Erri­co (Sly & the Fam­i­ly Stone). It was called “Sears, Schon, Erri­co” as writ­ten on the posters for the few shows we played togeth­er (Jour­ney was formed later). […]