2011. “The Storm That Swept Mexico”. Documentary Film by Ray Telles and Paradigm Productions.

2011. “The Storm That Swept Mex­i­co”. I wrote and record­ed the orig­i­nal score for this doc­u­men­tary on the “Mex­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion”. Aired on 300 PBS sta­tions nation­wide, as well as film fes­ti­vals and major Uni­ver­si­ties Direct­ed by Ray Telles. and pro­duced by Ray Telles and Ken Rabin. Par­a­digm Pro­duc­tions. I co-pro­­duced the Tra­di­tion­al music with Pancho […]

2009. “Moonalice” T‑Bone Burnett produced this CD for us. I played bass and keyboards, and sang on “Kick It Open”, a song I wrote with Jeannette Sears.

2009. “Moon­al­ice” T‑Bone Bur­nett pro­duced this CD for us. I played bass and key­boards, and sang on “Kick It Open”, a song I wrote with Jean­nette Sears. GE Smith was still in Moon­al­ice at this point…but had to leave soon after to tour with Roger Wal­ters on “The Wall” tour. My old Hot Tuna band-mate Jack Casady […]

2000. Pete Sears “The Long Haul”.

2000. Pete Sears “The Long Haul”. My sec­ond solo project. As before I brought down many musi­cal friends to the stu­dio, includ­ing John Lee Hook­er, Wavy Gravy”, Maria Mul­daur”, “Davy Pat­ti­son”, “Shana Mor­ri­son”, “Steve Kimock”, “Lev­on Helm”, “Jor­ma Kauko­nen”, “Nick Graven­ites”, “Mark Naf­tal­in”, “David Gris­man”, “Michael Falzara­no”, “Char­lie Mus­sel­white”, “Mal Sharpe”, “Clint Bak­er”, “Alvin Young­blood Hart”, […]

1993. “Radio 501 Levi compilation CD.

1993. “Radio 501 Levi com­pi­la­tion CD. I pro­duced a Levi 501 Jean radio ad for Levi Strauss Com­pa­ny. I wrote the music and Jean­nette wrote the words. I used the Record Plant in Sausal­i­to, Cal­i­for­nia. Taj Mahal sang the song and played gui­tar, and I played the piano. Kester Smith played drums. Todd  Phllips on bass. […]

1988. Nez B & DV8. May 9th. Fillmore West

1988. Nez B & DV8. May 9th. Fill­more West I was recent­ly giv­en this CD that I did­n’t know exist­ed. It’s of the won­der­ful Reg­gae singer “Nez B” (Ernesto Brown) and the band DV8 per­form­ing “One More Inno­cent” at the Fill­more West, in San Fran­cis­co. “One More Inno­cent” was the song I wrote with Jean­nette that […]

1977. Pete, Jeannette & baby Dylan Sears. Mill Valley, California.

1977. Me, Jean­nette and baby Dylan Sears on the porch of our new Mill Val­ley home in the Red­woods on Cas­cade Dri­ve. We lived close to the famous “Sweet­wa­ter” night club on Throck­mor­ton. I used to walk Dylan down Cas­cade Canyon to the Three Wells on my back…sometimes I’d meet up with my friend and […]

1976. Pete Sears & his Citabria 7KCAB aerobatic aircraft.

1976. Me stand­ing next to my beloved ful­ly aer­o­bat­ic Citabria 7KCAB air­craft at Schel­lville air­port, in Sono­ma County.…when the two run­ways were still unpaved. It had a 150 HP Lycoming engine. I learnt to fly aer­o­bat­ics to the Sports­man lev­el with the great Bob Short who ran “Aerosport”. He was also a musi­cian and often […]

1975, June 8th. San Francisco Chronicle article on Pete and Jeannette’s Rock n Roll wedding. Page 3 of news section.

1975, June 8th. San Fran­cis­co Chron­i­cle arti­cle on Pete and Jean­net­te’s Rock n Roll wed­ding. Page 3 of news sec­tion. Mill Val­ley His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety. Mar­riages in Three Groves — July, 2009 (it was actu­al­ly June 8th) http://www.millvalleyhistoricalsociety.org/history-of-homestead-valley-2009.html Pete Sears and Jean­nette Dil­ger at their Three Groves wed­ding in June 1975 In 1904, Lil­lian Fer­gu­son named her house […]

1975. June 8th. Jeannette and I get married in Mill Valley, California.

Mill Val­ley His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety. Pete & Jean­nette Sears Rock n Roll wed­ding. 1975 June 8th. Jean­nette and I got mar­ried in Mill Val­ley, Cal­i­for­nia. It was quite an affair…we had a pup­pet show and magi­cian to enter­tain the kids, but the grownups decid­ed they want­ed to watch also; so we moved him and his assistant […]

1973. Jeannette Sears around the time we fell in love. We later married.

1973. Jean­nette Sears around the time we fell in love. She was (is) extreme­ly smart, beau­ti­ful, great sense of humor, and pos­sess­es a strong sense of right and wrong. We were just friends at first because I was with my Eng­lish girl­friend (and still close friend of ours) Lucy Daniel at the time, and Jeannette […]

1972. Pete Sears takes John Cipollina for a flight.

1972. Pete Sears takes John Cipol­li­na for a flight. Top. Pete Sears pre-flight­ing the air­craft at Nutree Air­port. Pho­to tak­en by John Cipol­li­na. Bot­tom: John Cipol­li­na stands in front of the Chero­kee before fly­ing back to Gnoss Field in Nova­to with Pete. Pho­to by Pete Sears. 1972. I fly my old “Cop­per­head” band-mate John Cipol­li­na to […]

1950. Pete Sears and his older brother John. Isle of Grain, England.

1950. My broth­er John has a momen­tary attack of affec­tion for his lit­tle brother…me. Tak­en at the Isle of Grain on a fam­i­ly camp­ing trip (my father had used a Roy­al Air­force sur­plus Bell Tent. It was most­ly in the rain, with dad brew­ing up some tea using a WW2 Primus Stove (he’d sol­dered back […]