1994. Roy Harper “Valentine”

1994. Roy Harp­er “Valen­tine” The album “Valen­tine” by Roy Harp­er re-released on CD. I played bass on a cou­ple of tracks for Roy at Abbey Road Stu­dios in Lon­don in 1973…just before I moved to Cal­i­for­nia for good. The album also fea­tures Jim­my Page and Kei­th Moon. 

English Freakbeat” Vol 1–3

Eng­lish Freak­beat” Vol 1–3 One of sev­er­al com­pi­la­tion albums fea­tur­ing mid 1960’s Eng­lish rock bands. Anoth­er album was called “Ear­ly British R&B”. They all include tracks from my first pro­fes­sion­al band “The Sons Of Fred” from our 1964–65 record­ings at E.M.I. Stu­dios (lat­er renamed Abbey Road) in London.

1974. Chris Jagger. “The Adventures Of Valentine Vox The Ventriloquist”

1974. Chris Jag­ger. “The Adven­tures Of Valen­tine Vox The Ven­tril­o­quist” I played bass on track 5 of this album for Chris Jag­ger (Mick­’s broth­er). Micky Waller played drums and Peter Framp­ton played gui­tar. Record­ed at Olympic Stu­dios in Lon­don, and released on Asy­lum Records. http://www.geocities.co.jp/MusicStar/1905/rock/disc/cjagger_taovvtv.html

1970. Stoneground play “The Roundhouse” London.

  1970. Stone­ground play at the “Round­house”, Chalk Farm, Lon­don. I’m play­ing bass next to the drums…with a black beard. Sal Valenti­no was the band’s main vocal­ist. George Har­ri­son was record­ing “All Things Must Pass” with Phil Specter in the upstairs stu­dio at Tri­dent while we were record­ing down­stairs. He had a crush on Lydia, […]

1970. “Gasoline Alley” Rod Stewart. Mercury Records.

1970, Rod Stew­art. “Gaso­line Alley” My first of four con­sec­u­tive album’s play­ing piano and some­times bass with Rod. I played piano on “Coun­try Com­forts”, and bass on “Cut Across Shorty”. Album went “Gold”. Inside album cov­er. Rod Stew­art and Ron Wood on left side. Left to Right: Pete Sears, Micky Waller, Mar­tin Quittenton. 

1969. Steamhammer. “Reflection”. Bellaphon/CBS

1969 Steamham­mer “Reflec­tion”. Bellaphon/CBS Steamham­mer (aka Reflec­tion) was the debut album issued in 1969 by the British blues-rock band Steamham­mer. Steamham­mer was cho­sen as leg­endary blues gui­tarist Fred­dy King’s back­ing band when­ever he toured Eng­land. The musi­cians in the band were Mar­tin Quit­ten­ton (gui­tar), Kier­an White (vocals, gui­tar, har­mon­ica), Mar­tin Pugh (gui­tar), Steve Davy (bass), […]

1968. GIANT. London, England.

1968. Giant. Lon­don. After Vamp broke up I start­ed my own band called “Giant” with Viv Prince on drums…I played lead gui­tar. Viv used to get a pre­scrip­tion for “Tinc­ture of Cannabis” from a Dr. Dun­bar in Earl’s Court. I remem­ber dip­ping our cig­a­rettes in the dark green liq­uid and bak­ing them dry in the oven. […]

1967. Sam Gopal Dream. Original Indo Jazz Trio.

This band was called “Sam Gopal Dream”. The orig­i­nal band that was all instrumental…I played bass and B3 (on the left), Mick Hutchin­son played ragas on gui­tar (on the right), and Sam Gopal (cen­ter) played Tablas. We played all the Psy­che­del­ic Lon­don clubs includ­ing the “UFO Club” in Tot­ten­ham Court Road, “Hap­pen­ing 44”, “Elec­tric Gar­den” lat­er “Mid­dle Earth” in Covent Gar­den, we played the 14 hr Tech­ni­col­or Dream at “Alexan­der Palace” (our set began at 5am…John Lennon was there that night), “Christ­mas on Earth Con­tin­ued 1967” with Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Fair­port Con­ven­tion, Jimi Hen­drix, Traf­fic. We all played the same clubs.