2015. June 6th. Dr. John with musical director Sarah Morrow (Trombone), Pete Sears (Bass), Vernon Black (Guitar), David Rokeach (Drums), and Annie Sampson (Back-up vocals). Private high ticket price Benefit for Wavy Gravy’s Camp Winnarainbow.

Just had a fan­tas­tic gig play­ing bass with Dr. John, Sarah Mor­row, David Rokeach, Ver­non Black, and my old Stone­ground band-mate Annie Samp­son. What an amaz­ing piano player…and gui­tar play­er. I’ve always loved his play­ing, but live he’s some­thing else. Espe­cial­ly when your inter­act­ing with him on stage. All pro­ceeds for this ben­e­fit go to […]

2012. April. DVD release of Jorma Kaukonen’s 70th birthday. Pete Sears played piano on the second day. December 4th.

2012. April. DVD release of Jor­ma Kauko­nen’s 70th birth­day. Pete Sears played piano on the sec­ond day. Decem­ber 4th. 2010. Decem­ber 3th-4th. “Jor­ma Kauko­nen’s 70th Birth­day Cel­e­bra­tion” at the Bea­con The­atre, N.Y.C. Hot Tuna flew me out to New York City to join them as a guest on the sec­ond day of a two day birthday […]

2004. Hot Tuna “Live at Sweetwater Two”.

2004. Hot Tuna “Live at Sweet­wa­ter Two”. More music from our 1992 live per­for­mance at the famous “Sweet­wa­ter Club” in Mill Val­ley, Cal­i­for­nia. My first gig with the band as a guest on keyboards…I end­ed up stay­ing ten won­der­ful years. All my love to Jean­nie Pat­ter­son who made the club one of the classi­est and most sought […]

2000. “Gathering On The Mountain” Jorma Kaukonen Trio.

2000. “Gath­er­ing On The Moun­tain. Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio. I gave up the piano chair to Tom Con­stan­ten for one tune…I switched to my trusty old accor­dion. I played a whole set with Lev­on Helms Blues Band on accor­dion at a lat­er Gath­er­ing On The Mountain…he’s an amaz­ing drum­mer with a spe­cial feel. He had­n’t recov­ered enough to […]

2000. “Gathering On The Mountain”. Jorma Kaukonen Trio, Jorma Kaukonen (lead guitar), Michael Falzarano (rhythm guitar), Pete Sears (keyboards & keyboard bass).

2000. “Gath­er­ing On The Moun­tain”. Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio, Jor­ma Kauko­nen (lead gui­tar), Michael Falzara­no (rhythm gui­tar), Pete Sears (key­boards & key­board bass).   I played with the “Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio”. Upstate New York. — with Jor­ma Kauko­nen, Melvin Seals, Michael Falzara­no and Merl Saunders. 

1999. Jorma Kaukonen Trio. “Live at the Higher Ground”

1999. Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio. “Live at the High­er Ground” Record­ed in Winoos­ki, Ver­mont. The JKT was Jor­ma Kauko­nen, Michael Falzara­no, and me. Trey Anas­ta­sio of Phish sat in on three of the tracks. — with Jor­ma Kauko­nen and Michael Falzarano.

1998. Jorma Kaukonen “Too Many Years”.

1998. Jor­ma Kauko­nen “Too Many Years”. I played piano and accor­dion with my band-mates, Jor­ma and Michael Falzara­no. Record­ed at Hill­side Farms Stu­dio at the Fur Peace Ranch, Dar­win, Ohio. A stu­dio in the woods of south east­ern Ohio. Good times.

1998. “Rusted Root”

1998. “Rust­ed Root” My fel­low Hot Tuna band­mates joined me on this album by a very cool band that played the first “Fur­ther Fes­ti­val” with us. Record­ed in Pitts­burgh, Pennsylvania. 

1997. Hot Tuna “Live in Japan” Relix Records.

1997. Hot Tuna “Live in Japan” Relix Records. We had a fun trip to Japan for this tour that includ­ed cities like, Tokyo, Yoko­hama, and Osa­ka. We record­ed this at a small club called Stove’s in Yoko­hama that was so packed with peo­ple we could­n’t get in the door, so we had to climb through a […]

1996. “FURTHUR” tour compilation CD.

  1996. “FURTHUR” tour com­pi­la­tion CD. I played key­boards with Hot Tuna on the track “Keep On Truckin”. I became good friends with the amaz­ing “John­nie John­son”. John­nie helped bridge the gap between Blues and Rock piano with his work on the ear­ly Chuck Berry record­ings. He was play­ing with Bob Weir and “Rat­dog”. — with […]

1996. Pete Sears & Michael Falzarano…Somewhere in Italy…sometime in the 1990’s.

Pete Sears & Michael Falzarano…Somewhere in Italy…sometime in the 1990’s. “Hot Tuna” or “Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio”. We’d all just had wild boar pas­ta of which the own­er of the restau­rant was extreme­ly proud; and for good rea­son, it was spec­tac­u­lar. As you can see, he was also very proud of his exten­sive col­lec­tion of alco­holic beverages. […]

1996. Electric Hot Tuna “Live At The Fillmore”

1996. Elec­tric Hot Tuna “Live At The Fill­more” We had a lot of fun record­ing this video at the Fill­more West in 1994. Jor­ma Kauko­nen, Jack Casady, Michael Falzara­no, me, & Har­vey Sor­gen. Our road man­ag­er was dear old Har­vey “Bird” Cole­man who passed away some­time ago. Between Hot Tuna and Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio tours, I was […]

1995. “Jorma Kaukonen Trio” live at Piazza Del Duoma, Pistola, Italy. TV Broadcast July 8th.

1995. “Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio” live at Piaz­za Del Duo­ma, Pis­to­la, Italy. TV Broad­cast July 8th. Jor­ma Kauko­nen vocals and lead gui­tar, Michael Falzara­no vocals and rhythm gui­tar, I played key­boards and key­board bass. I have loads of CD’s of live shows with var­i­ous bands…too many to put up here, but this band was very spe­cial to me, as […]