1999. “The Best of Rod Stewart” The Millennium Collection.

1999. “The Best of Rod Stew­art” The Mil­len­ni­um Col­lec­tion. I’m play­ing piano on “Coun­try Com­forts”, “Every Pic­ture Tells A Sto­ry”, “Rea­son To Believe”, and Celeste on “Mag­gie May”. — with Rod Stew­art. Tag Pho­toAdd LocationEdit 

1999. “Silver Metre” re-released on CDS.

1999. “Sil­ver Metre” re-released on CDS. CD release of the 1969–70 vinyl album release fea­tur­ing the band that I formed with Leigh Stephens (Blue Cheer), Micky Waller (Jeff Beck, Rod Stew­art), and Har­ry Reynolds (Hair Band). There is a cool live boot­leg of a “Sil­ver Metre” show from the Fill­more West in 1970…we played on the same […]

1998. Rod Stewart. “Smiler” Released on C.D.

1998. Rod Stew­art. “Smil­er” Released on C.D. This was the fourth Rod Stew­art album I played on, and the final album for Mer­cury Records, released on vinyl in 1974. Now on CD. My favorite track is “Sweet Lit­tle Rock n Roller” with Mick­y’s Box­er dog “Zak” bark­ing over the intro…one of those beau­ti­ful­ly spon­ta­neous moments […]

1998. Rod Stewart. “Never a Dull Moment”. Pete Sears, Piano, Bass.

1998. Rod Stew­art. “Nev­er a Dull Moment” This is the third album I record­ed with Rod Stew­art. It was orig­i­nal­ly released on vinyl in 1972…now on CD. It became a UK num­ber-one album (for two weeks) and reached num­ber two on the US Album chart the same year. The track, “You Wear It Well”, co-written […]

1998. “The Best Of Rod Stewart”

1998. “The Best Of Rod Stew­art” I played bass on “Cut Across Shorty”, Celeste on “Mag­gie May”, and Piano on “Every Pic­ture Tells A Sto­ry”, “What Made Mil­wau­kee Famous (made a fool out of me)”. I’m not going to list any­more Rod Stew­art com­pi­la­tion CD releases…there are too many. — with Rod Stewart.

1998. Rod Stewart “Gasoline Alley”, now on CD.

1998. Rod Stew­art “Gaso­line Alley”, now on CD. This was the sec­ond solo album by Rod Stew­art, and the first one I played on. It was record­ed at Mor­gan Stu­dios in Willes­den, North Lon­don and released in 1970. It is includ­ed in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. The Ver­ti­go Labeled album […]

1973 (released 1974). Ron Wood “Ive Got My Own Album To Do”.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oy_479bariY&sns=em   1973 (released 1974). Ron Wood “Ive Got My Own Album To Do”. I played bass and Celeste on the track “Mys­ti­fies Me” writ­ten by Ron…Micky Waller played drums. The album includ­ed many of Ron’s friend’s at the time, includ­ing Kei­th Richards, Willie Weeks, Andy New­mark, Ian McLa­gan, Rod Stew­art, Mick Jag­ger. Record­ed at the […]

1974. Chris Jagger. “The Adventures Of Valentine Vox The Ventriloquist”

1974. Chris Jag­ger. “The Adven­tures Of Valen­tine Vox The Ven­tril­o­quist” I played bass on track 5 of this album for Chris Jag­ger (Mick­’s broth­er). Micky Waller played drums and Peter Framp­ton played gui­tar. Record­ed at Olympic Stu­dios in Lon­don, and released on Asy­lum Records. http://www.geocities.co.jp/MusicStar/1905/rock/disc/cjagger_taovvtv.html

1974. Part of “Smiler” inside album cover shot outside pub in London.

1974. Part of “Smil­er” inside album cov­er shot out­side pub in Lon­don. Left to right in front: Ken Jones, Pete Sears and his future wife Jean­nette, Ron Wood, Ron’s mum & Dad, Ian McLa­gen, Rod Stew­art, Spike Heat­ley, Rube. The album had tak­en quite a bit longer to make than expect­ed due to Rod hav­ing some sort […]

1973–74. “Smiler” Rod Stewart. Mercury Records.

              1973–74. “Smil­er” Rod Stew­art. My last of four albums with Rod and the last he made with the same group of musi­cians he’d been using since “Gaso­line Alley”. After “Smil­er”, Rod switched stu­dios from Willes­den, Lon­don, to the USA for “Atlantic Cross­ing”. “Smil­er” took a year to make […]

1973. Rod Stewart “Sing It Again Rod”

1973. Rod Stew­art “Sing It Again Rod” A com­pi­la­tion album of Rod Stew­art’s “Mer­cury Years”. I play on “Rea­son to Believe” (Piano), “Coun­try Com­fort” (Piano), “Mag­gie May” (Celeste).

1972…July. ”Never a Dull Moment”. Rod Stewart.

Ital­ian Girls” Rod Stew­art Pete Sears on piano. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=22IWhxwdBLQ 1972…July. ”Nev­er a Dull Moment”. Rod Stew­art. I left “Cop­per­head” to fly back to Eng­land and record on Rod Stew­art’s “Nev­er a Dull Moment”, play­ing piano on “Ital­ian Girls”, and bass on “I’d Rather Go Blind”. I could only stay a cou­ple of weeks (hence not being able […]

1971–1972. Playing my trusty old 63 Jazz bass. “The Long John Baldry Blues Band” somewhere in America.

1971–1972. Me play­ing my trusty old 63 Jazz bass with “The Long John Baldry Blues Band” some­where in Amer­i­ca in 1971. I enjoyed play­ing with the band immense­ly but Micky Waller and I lat­er left to move to Cal­i­for­nia. Ear­li­er in 1970, when I was still liv­ing with “Stone­ground” in Mill Val­ley, I had talked […]

1971. “Long John Baldry Blues Band” first US tour.

  1971. Long John Baldry Blues Band. After com­plet­ing “Every Pic­ture Tells a Sto­ry” in Lon­don, I joined the “Long John Baldry Blues Band” on bass for their first tour of the US. It was a great band that includ­ed Ian Armitt on piano, Sam­my Mitchell on gui­tar and Micky Waller on drums. John was a wonderful […]

1971. “Every Picture Tells a Story” Rod Stewart. Inside cover art.

    1971…”Every Pic­ture Tells a Sto­ry” Rod Stewart’s third solo album…the sec­ond I played on. Inside album cov­er art­work. I played all the piano on the album as a ses­sion play­er except for “Los­ing You” which Mac played with the rest of the Faces. I had left “Stone­ground” in Cal­i­for­nia to go back to England […]

1971. “Every Picture Tells A Story”. Rod Stewart.

1971. “Every Pic­ture Tells a Sto­ry” Rod Stew­art. “Every Pic­ture Tells a Sto­ry” Pete Sears piano.  Ron Wood Lead Gui­tar. “Seems Like a Long Time”. Pete Sears piano. “That’s alright Mama”. Pete Sears piano. “Mag­gie May”. Pete Sears Celeste. “Rea­son To Believe” Orig­i­nal mono 45rpm sin­gle mix. Pete Sears Celeste. This was the third solo album by […]

1971. Leigh Stephens. “And A Cast Of Thousands”. London.

1971. Leigh Stephens. “And A Cast Of Thou­sands”. Lon­don. Orig­i­nal­ly released on Charis­ma Records, and Philips Records. Re-released in 2004 on the Akar­ma Label. I played bass on this Leigh Stephens Solo Album…my old Sil­ver Metre 1969–70 band-mate. Record­ed in Lon­don, England.

1970. “Gasoline Alley” Rod Stewart. Mercury Records.

1970, Rod Stew­art. “Gaso­line Alley” My first of four con­sec­u­tive album’s play­ing piano and some­times bass with Rod. I played piano on “Coun­try Com­forts”, and bass on “Cut Across Shorty”. Album went “Gold”. Inside album cov­er. Rod Stew­art and Ron Wood on left side. Left to Right: Pete Sears, Micky Waller, Mar­tin Quittenton.