1966. Fleur De Lys.

  Anoth­er shot of “Fleur De Lys.” Left to Right: Phil Sawyer (who left to replace Ste­vie Win­wood in the Spencer Davies Group), Chris Andrews (who played Oliv­er Twist on Broad­way in Lon­don) Kei­th Gunter (founder of Fleur De Lys), Gor­don Haskell (Ruperts Peo­ple, King Crim­son). I’m stand­ing on the far right with a leather coat […]

1966. Fleur de Lys “Circles” Atlantic Records.

1966, some­where in Eng­land. Fleur de Lys…me 2nd from left, the sec­ond Eng­lish band I played with for a bit. We played most­ly Motown style music. I played piano with this band. We once opened for Eddie Floyd (Knock on Wood) in Lon­don, and Bri­an Epstein (Man­ag­er of the Bea­t­les who was pro­mot­ing the show) dropped by our dress­ing room with a bot­tle of Cham­pagne.

1964. The Sons Of Fred. “Sweet Love”. E.M.I. Columbia.

  Pho­to tak­en in “Selmer Music” on Char­ring Cross Road, Lon­don. Buy­ing all new equip­ment and gui­tars. Just after the “Sons Of Fred” turned Proffe­sion­al and signed to Columbia/E.M.I. “Sweet Love”. Our first sin­gle, writ­ten by Alan Bohling.   “Sons Of Fred” YouTube Videos. I began play­ing bass and a lit­tle key­boards with the Sons […]