2003. Jefferson Starship “Platinum Gold Collection”.

2003. Jef­fer­son Star­ship “Plat­inum Gold Col­lec­tion”. As usu­al, David Freiberg and I would share bass & key­board duties on all songs. I wrote the music for four of the songs in this col­lec­tion; “Stranger” lyrics by Jean­nette Sears, “Play On Love” lyrics by Grace Slick, “Save Your Love” lyrics by Jean­nette Sears, “Hot Water” lyrics by […]

1999. “The Best Of Grace Slick”.

1999. “The Best Of Grace Slick”. I wrote two of the songs with Grace on this com­pi­la­tion album. “Hyper­drive” and “Bet­ter Lying Down”. I wrote the music and Grace the lyrics. I also played on a few of the oth­er tracks on the CD. Grace had an amaz­ing stage pres­ence when we played togeth­er in Jef­fer­son Starship; […]

1983. “Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra” Paul Kantner solo album.

1983. “Plan­et Earth Rock and Roll Orches­tra” Paul Kant­ner solo album. I wrote the music for “Liliths Song” with Grace…and I played piano on “The Plan­et Earth Rock and Roll Orches­tra”, “Lilith’s Song”, and “Sci­ence Fric­tion” Oth­er play­ers includ­ed. Jack Casady, Chi­na Kant­ner, Ron­nie Mon­trose, Scott Math­ews, Ayns­ley Dun­bar, John Blake­ley and Craig Chaquico. Record­ed at […]

1979. “Freedom at Point Zero”. Jefferson Starship’s first album with Mickey Thomas as lead vocalist & Ron Nevison as Producer. R.C.A.

Awak­en­ing”. Music by Pete Sears. Lyrics by Jean­nette Sears. “Fad­ing Lady Light”. Music by Pete Sears. Lyrics by Jean­nette Sears. 1979. “Free­dom at Point Zero”. Jef­fer­son Star­ship’s first album with Mick­ey Thomas as lead vocal­ist & Ron Nevi­son as Pro­duc­er. R.C.A. Grace Slick sat this album out due to her work in rehab. Ayns­ley Dun­bar replaced John […]

1978. Rolling Stone Magazine Cover. Jefferson Starship. May 18th.

1978. Rolling Stone Mag­a­zine Cov­er. Jef­fer­son Star­ship. May 18th. 1978. Pho­tog­ra­ph­er Annie Lei­bovitz. My knees hurt…these things take a while to set up. — with Jef­fer­son Star­ship, John Bar­ba­ta, Mar­ty Balin, Pete Sears, David Freiberg, Craig Chaquiço, Grace Slick and Paul Kantner.

July 1976. Jefferson Starship. Central Park, New York City.

July 1976. Jef­fer­son Star­ship. Cen­tral Park, New York City. Shot of Grace Slick and me with Jef­fer­son Star­ship, Cen­tral Park, New York City. 100,000 peo­ple showed up to see the band. I’m play­ing my old Fend­er 63 Jazz bass, which I had ear­li­er used with “The Long John Baldry Blues Band”, “Cop­per­head”, “Sears, Schon, Erri­co”, and […]

1976. Jefferson Starship “Spitfire”. R.C.A. Records.

  “Hot Water”. Lyrics by Grace Slick. Music by Pete Sears.   “Dance With The Drag­on”. The whole band got writ­ing cred­it for this song.   “St. Charles”.  Pro­mo. Sort of an ear­ly music video, shot and edit­ed on film. Writ­ten by Paul Kant­ner and Craig Chaquico. We used live footage shot on tour in the 1970’s. I’d […]

1975. “Red Octopus” Jefferson Starship. R.C.A. Records.

1975. Jef­fer­son Star­ship. Air­plane Man­sion. 2400 Ful­ton Street, San Fran­cis­co. This pho­to was one tak­en for the album’s back cov­er (we end­ed up using a slight­ly dif­fer­ent shot where I’m sit­ting in front nurs­ing a bot­tle of Dos Equis). It was tak­en by the great pho­tog­ra­ph­er Jim Mar­shall who per­son­al­ly gave me per­mis­sion to use […]

1974. “Dragonfly” Jefferson Starship” R.C.A. Records.

    The YouTube video above is of the sec­ond song Grace Slick and I wrote. It’s called “Hyper­drive” and Grace wrote the lyrics, and I wrote and arranged all the music. It came out on “Drag­on­fly”, the first offi­cial Jef­fer­son Star­ship album as a band. The first song Grace and I wrote was “Bet­ter […]

1973. Manhole. Grace Slick. Pete Sears piano on “Better Lying Down”, Bass on “Epic No. 38”.

  1973. “Man­hole” solo record by Grace Slick. Record­ed ear­ly in the year at Wal­ly Hei­der Stu­dios in San Fran­cis­co. I was down­stairs co-pro­­duc­ing “Insane Asy­lum” for Kathy McDon­ald when David Freiberg invit­ed me upstairs to meet with Grace and Paul. I record­ed a twelve bar blues piano impro­vi­sa­tion and Grace and I wrote “Bet­ter […]