2001. Barry Flast “Like A Phoenix”.

Bar­ry Flast “Like A Phoenix”. This solo album by Bar­ry fea­tures all of his best mate­r­i­al from his post-spel­l­bound peri­od (1979 on) and hosts an all-star col­lec­tion of musi­cians such as, Paul Stookey, Garth Hud­son, Richie Zito, Chuck Rainey, Mar­lo Hen­der­son, Ray Pounds, Kei­th Crossan, Pete Sears, Banana, and every­one from King­fish. I enjoyed playing […]

2001. David Grisman. Grateful Dawg.

2001. David Gris­man. Grate­ful Dawg. David Gris­man doc­u­men­tary about his series of record­ings with Jer­ry Gar­cia. I only put it on here because David men­tions in the film that he and Jer­ry, who had­n’t been speak­ing to each oth­er for some­thing like fif­teen years, recon­nect­ed in the kitchen of the record­ing stu­dio while I was recording […]

2001. John Cipollina “Electric Guitarslinger”. Pete Sears was interviewed.

2001. John Cipol­li­na “Elec­tric Gui­tarslinger”. Doc­u­men­tary about my old friend and “Cop­per­head” band-mate. I lived with John in his antique gun room on King St in Mill Val­ley for quite a while…just down the road from his par­ents house on Shady Lane. We had many good laughs togeth­er as well as shar­ing some very special […]

2000. October 28th. SKB. “Steve Kimock Band”. Pete Sears on keyboards.

2000. Octo­ber 28th. SKB. “Steve Kimock Band”. Pete Sears on key­boards. Hal­loween Hoo­te­nany. The Resort at the Moun­tain. One of sev­er­al ver­sions of the SKB band I worked with. Steve Kimock on gui­tar. Bob­by Vega played bass. I played key­boards. Some­times Prairie Prince played drums. Some­times Jim Sanchez, and some­times Alan Hertz. — with Steve […]

2000. Pete Sears “The Long Haul”.

2000. Pete Sears “The Long Haul”. My sec­ond solo project. As before I brought down many musi­cal friends to the stu­dio, includ­ing John Lee Hook­er, Wavy Gravy”, Maria Mul­daur”, “Davy Pat­ti­son”, “Shana Mor­ri­son”, “Steve Kimock”, “Lev­on Helm”, “Jor­ma Kauko­nen”, “Nick Graven­ites”, “Mark Naf­tal­in”, “David Gris­man”, “Michael Falzara­no”, “Char­lie Mus­sel­white”, “Mal Sharpe”, “Clint Bak­er”, “Alvin Young­blood Hart”, […]

2000. “Anti Love” The Best Of Betty Davis.

2000. “Anti Love” The Best Of Bet­ty Davis. I played acoustic piano on the track “Inti Love Song”, ini­tial­ly released in 1972. Greg Erri­co from Sly Stone on drums (and pro­duc­tion). Lar­ry Gra­ham on bass. Neal Schon on gui­tar. Bud­dy Miles on drums. Merl Saun­ders on elec­tric piano, and many more. Bet­ty was mar­ried to the great Jazz trum­pet player […]

2000. “Gathering On The Mountain” Jorma Kaukonen Trio.

2000. “Gath­er­ing On The Moun­tain. Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio. I gave up the piano chair to Tom Con­stan­ten for one tune…I switched to my trusty old accor­dion. I played a whole set with Lev­on Helms Blues Band on accor­dion at a lat­er Gath­er­ing On The Mountain…he’s an amaz­ing drum­mer with a spe­cial feel. He had­n’t recov­ered enough to […]

2000. “Gathering On The Mountain”. Jorma Kaukonen Trio, Jorma Kaukonen (lead guitar), Michael Falzarano (rhythm guitar), Pete Sears (keyboards & keyboard bass).

2000. “Gath­er­ing On The Moun­tain”. Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio, Jor­ma Kauko­nen (lead gui­tar), Michael Falzara­no (rhythm gui­tar), Pete Sears (key­boards & key­board bass).   I played with the “Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio”. Upstate New York. — with Jor­ma Kauko­nen, Melvin Seals, Michael Falzara­no and Merl Saunders. 

2000. “Each Others Legend” Joseph Langham.

2000. “Each Oth­ers Leg­end” Joseph Lang­ham. I played key­boards, and co-pro­­duced this album with Joseph. I had Steve Kimock come in and play on a cou­ple of tracks. Joseph is an amaz­ing singer song­writer with a very cool band. He lives with Eth­no-Botanist Phyl­lis Hogan in a sus­tain­able house he built in Flagstaff, Ari­zona. I […]

2000 January “Tibet’s Stolen Child”

2000 Jan­u­ary “Tibet’s Stolen Child” I wrote and record­ed the orig­i­nal score for this doc­u­men­tary film. The great­est peace­mak­ers of our time search for the truth about Tibet’s Panchen Lama, a boy whose fate could affect the des­tiny of a coun­try strug­gling to avoid the destruc­tion of its spir­i­tu­al tra­di­tions. A young boy, the Panchen Lama, […]

1999. Nick Gravenites and Animal Mind. “Kill My Brain”.

1999. Nick Graven­ites and Ani­mal Mind. “Kill My Brain”. I play piano and Ham­mond B3 on this album. Nick and I go way back. Nick sings and plays lead gui­tar, Doug Killmer plays bass, Roy Blu­men­feld drums, Sam­my Hager gui­tar and back­ground vocals on a cou­ple of tracks, Huey Lewis harp on a cou­ple of tracks. Recorded […]

1999 re-release of a KAK album from 1969.

1999 re-release of a KAK album from 1969. KAK Lead vocal­ist and rhythm gui­tarist “Gary Yoder” includ­ed a track on this CD from his solo album called “Flight From The East”, which was record­ed right after KAK dis­band­ed. It was record­ed in Los Ange­les for Epic Records. Gary on vocals and rhythm gui­tar, I played keyboards, […]

1999. “The Best of Rod Stewart” The Millennium Collection.

1999. “The Best of Rod Stew­art” The Mil­len­ni­um Col­lec­tion. I’m play­ing piano on “Coun­try Com­forts”, “Every Pic­ture Tells A Sto­ry”, “Rea­son To Believe”, and Celeste on “Mag­gie May”. — with Rod Stew­art. Tag Pho­toAdd LocationEdit 

1999. Jorma Kaukonen Trio. “Live at the Higher Ground”

1999. Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio. “Live at the High­er Ground” Record­ed in Winoos­ki, Ver­mont. The JKT was Jor­ma Kauko­nen, Michael Falzara­no, and me. Trey Anas­ta­sio of Phish sat in on three of the tracks. — with Jor­ma Kauko­nen and Michael Falzarano.