1967. Sam Gopal Dream. Original Indo Jazz Trio.

2015-03-24T18:42:42-07:00April 20, 1967|

This band was called "Sam Gopal Dream". The original band that was all instrumental...I played bass and B3 (on the left), Mick Hutchinson played ragas on guitar (on the right), and Sam Gopal (center) played Tablas. We played all the Psychedelic London clubs including the "UFO Club" in Tottenham Court Road, "Happening 44", "Electric Garden" later "Middle Earth" in Covent Garden, we played the 14 hr Technicolor Dream at "Alexander Palace" (our set began at 5am...John Lennon was there that night), "Christmas on Earth Continued 1967" with Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Fairport Convention, Jimi Hendrix, Traffic. We all played the same clubs.

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