2005. Great American Music Hall Marquee sign. 2005 fundraiser and tribute for Chet Helms…hosted by Pete Sears, Roger and Ann McNamee, and Dawn Holliday.

2005. Great Amer­i­can Music Hall Mar­quee sign. 2005 fundrais­er and trib­ute for Chet Helms…hosted by Pete Sears, Roger and Ann McNamee, and Dawn Hol­l­i­day.   Here’s a piece writ­ten about Chet in the Haight Street Music News by my friend Don Aters…Don was close to Chet. Don Aters – Haight Street Music News 2005. A Farewell For […]

2004. Parkinsongs Volume One. “38 Songs of Hope”.

2004. Parkin­songs Vol­ume One. “38 Songs of Hope”. A song I co-wrote with Robert Hunter called “Darien” was includ­ed on this beau­ti­ful album to help raise mon­ey and aware­ness for Parkin­son’s Dis­ease Research. It was tak­en from my “Pete Sears & The Long Haul” album. There are songs on the album from Cros­by Stills & Nash, […]

2003. Steve Kimock & Pete Sears. Live at the Jenner Playhouse, Jenner, California. July 23.

2003. Steve Kimock & Pete Sears. Live at the Jen­ner Play­house, Jen­ner, Cal­i­for­nia. July 23. We played a duo show at the Jen­ner Play­house, in Jen­ner, Cal­i­for­nia. Jen­ner is a beau­ti­ful vil­lage on the rocky Pacif­ic coast­line of High­way 1. I played a grand piano, and Steve played an eclec­tic mix of acoustic and elec­tric instru­ments from […]

1996. Blue GOLD.

1996. Blue GOLD. Com­pi­la­tion of sev­er­al artists, includ­ing Taj mahal, Maria Mul­daur, Nor­ton Buf­fa­lo, Lady Bian­ca, Bob­by Reed, Mark Naf­tal­in, Dr.John, J.J. Cale. Pete Sears played piano on “Smoky Places” sung by Taj Mahal. — with Mark Naf­tal­in, Nor­ton Buf­fa­lo, Taj Mahal, Lady Bian­ca and Maria Muldaur.

1996. “FURTHUR” tour compilation CD.

  1996. “FURTHUR” tour com­pi­la­tion CD. I played key­boards with Hot Tuna on the track “Keep On Truckin”. I became good friends with the amaz­ing “John­nie John­son”. John­nie helped bridge the gap between Blues and Rock piano with his work on the ear­ly Chuck Berry record­ings. He was play­ing with Bob Weir and “Rat­dog”. — with […]

1996. Pete Sears & Michael Falzarano…Somewhere in Italy…sometime in the 1990’s.

Pete Sears & Michael Falzarano…Somewhere in Italy…sometime in the 1990’s. “Hot Tuna” or “Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio”. We’d all just had wild boar pas­ta of which the own­er of the restau­rant was extreme­ly proud; and for good rea­son, it was spec­tac­u­lar. As you can see, he was also very proud of his exten­sive col­lec­tion of alco­holic beverages. […]

1996. Peter Rowan & Pete Sears do a Colorado tour together as a duo.

Peter Rowan & Pete Sears. E Town Radio, Boul­der The­atre, Boul­der, Col­orado. 1996. Peter Rowan & I do a Col­orado tour togeth­er as a duo. We most­ly played the Rocky Moun­tains includ­ing the old min­ing town of “Crip­ple Creek”, where we per­formed in spite of both hav­ing the flu and a high tem­per­a­ture. This CD […]

1996. Electric Hot Tuna “Live At The Fillmore”

1996. Elec­tric Hot Tuna “Live At The Fill­more” We had a lot of fun record­ing this video at the Fill­more West in 1994. Jor­ma Kauko­nen, Jack Casady, Michael Falzara­no, me, & Har­vey Sor­gen. Our road man­ag­er was dear old Har­vey “Bird” Cole­man who passed away some­time ago. Between Hot Tuna and Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio tours, I was […]

1995. “Jorma Kaukonen Trio” live at Piazza Del Duoma, Pistola, Italy. TV Broadcast July 8th.

1995. “Jor­ma Kauko­nen Trio” live at Piaz­za Del Duo­ma, Pis­to­la, Italy. TV Broad­cast July 8th. Jor­ma Kauko­nen vocals and lead gui­tar, Michael Falzara­no vocals and rhythm gui­tar, I played key­boards and key­board bass. I have loads of CD’s of live shows with var­i­ous bands…too many to put up here, but this band was very spe­cial to me, as […]

1995. The Fankhauser Cassidy Band. “On The Blue Road”

1995. The Fankhauser Cas­sidy Band. “On The Blue Road” I played piano & Ham­mond B3 on “Nick­y’s Song”, a trib­ute to Nicky writ­ten by Mer­rell Fankhauser. Mer­rell wrote the surf­ing hit “Wipe Out” amongst many oth­ers. Ed Cas­sidy was from the band “Spir­it”. Record­ed at Ocean Sound, Arroyo Grande, California. […]

1993. Rod Stewart — Vintage CD.

1993. Rod Stew­art — Vin­tage CD. Anoth­er col­lec­tion of ear­ly Rod Stew­art songs. I played on sev­er­al tracks…mostly piano, but a lit­tle bass also. — with Mar­tin Quit­ten­ton, Micky Waller, Ian McLa­gan, Rod Stew­art, Ken­ney Jones and Ron­nie Wood. 1993. Rod Stew­art — Vin­tage CD.

1979. “Freedom at Point Zero”. Jefferson Starship’s first album with Mickey Thomas as lead vocalist & Ron Nevison as Producer. R.C.A.

Awak­en­ing”. Music by Pete Sears. Lyrics by Jean­nette Sears. “Fad­ing Lady Light”. Music by Pete Sears. Lyrics by Jean­nette Sears. 1979. “Free­dom at Point Zero”. Jef­fer­son Star­ship’s first album with Mick­ey Thomas as lead vocal­ist & Ron Nevi­son as Pro­duc­er. R.C.A. Grace Slick sat this album out due to her work in rehab. Ayns­ley Dun­bar replaced John […]