1970. Stoneground play “The Roundhouse” London.

  1970. Stone­ground play at the “Round­house”, Chalk Farm, Lon­don. I’m play­ing bass next to the drums…with a black beard. Sal Valenti­no was the band’s main vocal­ist. George Har­ri­son was record­ing “All Things Must Pass” with Phil Specter in the upstairs stu­dio at Tri­dent while we were record­ing down­stairs. He had a crush on Lydia, […]

1968. GIANT. London, England.

1968. Giant. Lon­don. After Vamp broke up I start­ed my own band called “Giant” with Viv Prince on drums…I played lead gui­tar. Viv used to get a pre­scrip­tion for “Tinc­ture of Cannabis” from a Dr. Dun­bar in Earl’s Court. I remem­ber dip­ping our cig­a­rettes in the dark green liq­uid and bak­ing them dry in the oven. […]