1976. Pete Sears & his Citabria 7KCAB aerobatic aircraft.

1976. Me stand­ing next to my beloved ful­ly aer­o­bat­ic Citabria 7KCAB air­craft at Schel­lville air­port, in Sono­ma County.…when the two run­ways were still unpaved. It had a 150 HP Lycoming engine. I learnt to fly aer­o­bat­ics to the Sports­man lev­el with the great Bob Short who ran “Aerosport”. He was also a musi­cian and often […]

1972. Pete Sears takes John Cipollina for a flight.

1972. Pete Sears takes John Cipol­li­na for a flight. Top. Pete Sears pre-flight­ing the air­craft at Nutree Air­port. Pho­to tak­en by John Cipol­li­na. Bot­tom: John Cipol­li­na stands in front of the Chero­kee before fly­ing back to Gnoss Field in Nova­to with Pete. Pho­to by Pete Sears. 1972. I fly my old “Cop­per­head” band-mate John Cipol­li­na to […]