2003. Matt Ward “Turn It Over”

2003. Matt Ward “Turn It Over” I played bass on this album. Matt Ward gui­tar & vocals, Prairie Prince on drums, Tim Gor­man on keys, Steve Kimock gui­tar, Gary Vogensen gui­tar, Dal­lis Craft vocals, Mooka Ren­nick arrangement’s. Record­ed at Mooka Ren­nick­’s Prairie Sun Record­ing Stu­dios, Cotati, Cal­i­for­nia. — with Steve Kimock and Tim Gorman.

2003. Steve Kimock & Pete Sears. Live at the Jenner Playhouse, Jenner, California. July 23.

2003. Steve Kimock & Pete Sears. Live at the Jen­ner Play­house, Jen­ner, Cal­i­for­nia. July 23. We played a duo show at the Jen­ner Play­house, in Jen­ner, Cal­i­for­nia. Jen­ner is a beau­ti­ful vil­lage on the rocky Pacif­ic coast­line of High­way 1. I played a grand piano, and Steve played an eclec­tic mix of acoustic and elec­tric instru­ments from […]

2000. October 28th. SKB. “Steve Kimock Band”. Pete Sears on keyboards.

2000. Octo­ber 28th. SKB. “Steve Kimock Band”. Pete Sears on key­boards. Hal­loween Hoo­te­nany. The Resort at the Moun­tain. One of sev­er­al ver­sions of the SKB band I worked with. Steve Kimock on gui­tar. Bob­by Vega played bass. I played key­boards. Some­times Prairie Prince played drums. Some­times Jim Sanchez, and some­times Alan Hertz. — with Steve […]

2000. Pete Sears “The Long Haul”.

2000. Pete Sears “The Long Haul”. My sec­ond solo project. As before I brought down many musi­cal friends to the stu­dio, includ­ing John Lee Hook­er, Wavy Gravy”, Maria Mul­daur”, “Davy Pat­ti­son”, “Shana Mor­ri­son”, “Steve Kimock”, “Lev­on Helm”, “Jor­ma Kauko­nen”, “Nick Graven­ites”, “Mark Naf­tal­in”, “David Gris­man”, “Michael Falzara­no”, “Char­lie Mus­sel­white”, “Mal Sharpe”, “Clint Bak­er”, “Alvin Young­blood Hart”, […]

1997. Bobby Vega “Down The Road”

1997. Bob­by Vega “Down The Road” This album fea­tures some of the most beau­ti­ful bass work I’ve ever heard. Bob­by’s a true mas­ter of his instru­ment. I played accor­dion as a guest on the track “Until Then”…Steve Kimock also played on the same tune. — with Bob­by Vega and Steve Kimock.